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Pelham Financial offers a comprehensive range of services to both personal and corporate clients using a structure which provides a service relating to investment, taxation, pensions and insurances. Our services are summarised below and are by no means exhaustive.

Personal Client Services


       Family Issues                              Money Issues                     Employment Issues


  • Creating a Strategy                    Saving Efficiently              Moving Jobs

  • Buying a House                          Limiting Taxes                   Surviving Redundancy

  • Protecting The Family               Receiving Inheritances     Your Retirement

  • Meeting Educational Costs       Managing Capital              Working Overseas

  • Dealing With Divorce                Distributing Wealth

  • Security in Later Life                 Charitable Giving

  • Coping with Bereavement        Managing Offshore Resources


Corporate Client Services


       Business Issues                           Employment Issues


  • Starting a business                    Insuring the Business 

  • Protecting Shareholders           Motivating Executives                               

  • Sheltering Profits                       Rewarding Staff

  • Takeovers and Mergers             Pensions

  • Business Succession                  Counselling

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