Pelham Financial Personal Client Services


There are many difficult issues involved in dealing with the various financial stages of life and death:


Buying a House –                               The costs, the deals available and types of mortgage.


Coping with Bereavement  –            Inculcating financial confidence and planning for the future.


Meeting School Fee Costs –              From income or capital – whose capital?


Moving your Job –                             Remuneration package and pension trap dangers.


Preparing for Retirement –              When do you start and when to retire.


Protecting the Family –                    On ill health, redundancy or death.


Receiving an Inheritance –              Catering for family needs and tax factors.


Saving Effectively –                          Maximum Growth, Minimum Tax.


Security in Later Life –                     Capital Usage, dealing with inflation and funding long term care.


Surviving Redundancy –                  Negotiating leaving terms and prioritising obligations.


Working Abroad –                            Making the most of tax status for foreign nationals in the UK and Expatriates.


We find that we can offer a range of additional services through our diverse network of other experienced professionals, for instance Lawyers, Accountants, Actuaries and Stockbrokers.


Pelham Financial Corporate Client Services


At a time of tight margins financial decisions have become critical. The issues below may be key to ongoing profitability:

Insuring the business –                     How do you value your Key staff?

Rewarding Staff –                               Motivating Staff makes Profits!

Pensions –                                           A benefit or a liability – the need for an independent view.

Protecting shareholders –                 Death of a Shareholder can cause problems for the surviving shareholders.


Selling a Business –                            Saving Tax and what to do with the money.

Sheltering Profits –                             Balancing tax with Success.


If clients need specialist services such as Pensioneer Trustee or Actuarial Services these can be obtained through our professional contacts and associates.

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