Pelham Financial is a Limited company 9870478 Registered office is International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1 2BN


Pelham Financial Personal Client Services


There are many difficult issues involved in dealing with the various financial stages of life and death:


Buying a House –                               The costs, the deals available and types of mortgage.


Coping with Bereavement  –            Inculcating financial confidence and planning for the future.


Meeting School Fee Costs –              From income or capital – whose capital?


Moving your Job –                             Remuneration package and pension trap dangers.


Preparing for Retirement –              When do you start and when to retire.


Protecting the Family –                    On ill health, redundancy or death.


Receiving an Inheritance –              Catering for family needs and tax factors.


Saving Effectively –                          Maximum Growth, Minimum Tax.


Security in Later Life –                     Capital Usage, dealing with inflation and funding long term care.


Surviving Redundancy –                  Negotiating leaving terms and prioritising obligations.


Working Abroad –                            Making the most of tax status for foreign nationals in the UK and Expatriates.


We find that we can offer a range of additional services through our diverse network of other experienced professionals, for instance Lawyers, Accountants, Actuaries and Stockbrokers.


Pelham Financial Corporate Client Services


At a time of tight margins financial decisions have become critical. The issues below may be key to ongoing profitability:

Insuring the business –                     How do you value your Key staff?

Rewarding Staff –                               Motivating Staff makes Profits!

Pensions –                                           A benefit or a liability – the need for an independent view.

Protecting shareholders –                 Death of a Shareholder can cause problems for the surviving shareholders.


Selling a Business –                            Saving Tax and what to do with the money.

Sheltering Profits –                             Balancing tax with Success.


If clients need specialist services such as Pensioneer Trustee or Actuarial Services these can be obtained through our professional contacts and associates.