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Ian Brown



Ian has over 20 years experience in Financial Services in various different roles, including various positions within UK and International Life Companies in the Pensions, Investment and Tax Mitigation spheres.


In 2005 Ian joined a Large UK High Street bank in the South of England where he gained his initial grounding as a Financial Adviser, following this initial training he joined a more bespoke Independent Financial Advisory Company where he remained until its sale in June 2015 when it had amassed over £200 million of investments under management. Ian helped to facilitate in the integration of his clients into the new business post sale, until in 2017 he embarked on Regulating Pelham Financial Limited.


Ian holds the Diploma in Financial Planning along with an Honours Degree in Business Economics. He has been involved in Inheritance and other Tax Mitigation schemes throughout his career as both as an adviser and a distributer of Tax Efficient solutions, because of this and what he perceives to be a business opportunity and gap in the Financial Advisory market, Ian has Regulated Pelham Financial Limited with an initial objective of advising clients on Inheritance Tax Mitigation and Investment Schemes.

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